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After-School Academy

  • Open to participants ages 8-18, recent high school grads and two-year college prospects
  • 8 months of sessions available
  • Sessions can be purchased monthly
  • Held Monday and Wednesday each month unless otherwise noted, beginning September 4th through December 19th (FALL), and January 6th – April 29th (SPRING).

This clinic will focus on skill development including technical and tactical training, collegiate style drilling along with competition and point-play.

Group Clinic

  • Open to participants of all age groups and abilities.

Group clinics consist of two or more individuals. This clinic will focus on skill development, strategy and technical drilling and can be adjusted based on needs.

Individual Clinic

  • Not available to prospective student athletes (anyone in grades 9-12 and junior college)

Individual clinics consist of one on one instruction. The clinic will focus on intensive skill instruction and training, specific to an individual’s needs.


Payments can be made by form of cash or checks. Please make checks payable to Wildcat Tennis, LLC. No refunds will be given for missed clinics.

Clinic Type Cost Duration Notes
After-School Program $160/Month 1.5 hours/Day 8 Sessions/Month
Group Clinic 2 players – $30 each, 3+ players – $25 each 1 hour Duration may be extended per request
Individual Clinic Varies by coach 1 hour Duration may be extended per request


The following forms are required for participation in any of our programming:

  1. Liability Release Form
  2. Medical Release Form (Includes insurance information)

After-School Program:

To register for our after-school program, please contact Maciek Sykut at (305) 923-9610.

Individual and Group Clinics:

Clancy ShieldsRyan Stotland HeadshotBryce Warren headshot Block AMitch Stewart — TUCSON, ARIZ. -- Men’s tennis photo day
Nov. 12, 2020. 
Photo by Mike Christy / Arizona Athletics
Clancy ShieldsRyan StotlandBryce Warren Jack Maddocks Mitch Stewart
Head Coach (M)Head Coach (W) Assistant Coach (M) Assistant Coach (W) Volunteer Coach (M)
clancyshields@email.arizona.edustotland@email.arizona.edu BryceWarren@arizona.edu stewartmitch
(520) 344-1425(559) 392-9491 (614) 425-0219 (408) 210-6265 (253) 246-9385

If you are interested in signing up for individual or group clinics, please contact the staff member you are interested in working with directly:

*Please remember that individual clinics with our staff are only available to participants outside of grades 9-12 and junior college.

**Group clinics with participants that are prospective student athletes (9-12 grade or junior college), if only one group participant shows up, the clinic must be cancelled. No exceptions.

***In compliance with NCAA rules/regulations, participants must pay in advance of that day’s clinic in order to participate.

900 N Martin Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719
Book a program today!
Call us on (520) 477-9641